Village Notices

Lambing time

Lambing has started on the Manor Farm fields. Perin and Sonja would like to remind everyone to respect the lambing paddocks and keep dogs under control at all times. They are sorry to say that signs will be put up to remind the few people whose behaviour when walking their dogs tarnishes the reputation of the majority who are respectful.

We are very lucky INDEED to be able to walk so freely on Manor Farm land, so please help us to preserve this privilege and leave the sheep and lambs in peace.

The sheep and lambs from Easton Farm will soon be going out on Winkelbury, where there are already cattle. Again, you MUST keep all dogs on a lead at all times.

Telephone Box

This is getting a new lease of life! Meryon writes:

Just spent a pleasant hour in the sun, investigating options for preparing the box for painting.  My conclusion is that a “low tech” approach is as good as anything, viz. scrapers and Wet-and-Dry sandpaper.

The old paint has decayed in varying degrees.  Most of the most recent, darker red, paint comes off with a scraper.  In some places we will get all the way back to bare metal.  It requires some diligence with a scraper to dislodge all the flakey paint, but in 1 hour I’ve had a significant impact on the back panel.

It will require a good hard sand with wet-and-dry, both to shift any remaining loose stuff and to obtain a decent smooth surface to repaint over, but I’m very encouraged by the progress I made in such a brief time.

Being a low tech requirement, there is no restriction, (due to availability of tools), on anyone having a go at any time convenient to themselves, though obviously it’ll be more fun to work on it together.  As we have a long dry spell ahead of us, it is a great chance to get it done now.  To that end I plan to be there this week starting on Mon 19th pm, thenTue am., most of Thursday and most of Friday.  So if anyone would like to join me that would be great.  I’ve left a scraper in the box for anyone to use if I’m not there.

I have more scrapers, and some wet-and-dry, but we’ll need more of this, I think.  If all goes as hoped, we could be ready to slap some paint on the outside within 10 days or so.  

Volunteers needed! Join Meryon this week, get some fresh air and help restore the box to its former glory. It will be painted the ‘official’ red, of course, but as to what goes inside-ideas very welcome. You can reach Meryon at:

Interested in helping to support the “Chase & Chalke” Landscape Partnership Scheme?


Message from Roland Hughes, Ranger and Volunteer Coordinator for the Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Landscape Partnership Scheme.


I am writing to introduce myself and Jonny Monteith, who is the Manager of the Scheme, which you may have heard of in its development stages possibly from Roger Goulding or other members of the AONB team.

Largely funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund with other partners, the “Chase & Chalke” Landscape Partnership Scheme comprises 20 projects aimed at better connecting people to this extraordinary landscape. Our partnership area crosses the county boundaries of Dorset, Wiltshire, and Hampshire, and many parishes including your own.

One of the fundamental aims of Chase and Chalke is to create a legacy of volunteers and supporters in the local community who can carry on conserving and enhancing after we, the Landscape Partnership Team, have left - the scheme only has a 5-year lifespan.

 The big question: How best to communicate with your local community? Is there a person or role within the Parish Council who would be appropriate to channel two-way communication through, are there any additional people better placed who would cover residents of all ages and interests? If such a person or persons exist, please would you let me know who they are and which ‘communication medium’ is the most effective way of getting hold of them or pass my contact details on to them.

 There really is a project for all within the scheme and we want to allow everyone a chance to join in if they wish and we need to know the best way of listening to, and working with, everybody.

 Details of the Scheme and all the projects are available on our website:

 Thanks in advance for your collaboration Rolan


Information for Parish Council elections.


On 6th May, there will be elections for Wiltshire Council, the Police Crime Commissioner and for our own BSJ Parish Council, made up of seven local people.

The Parish Council is the first tier of elected government-truly representative of local issues as it represents our village community. Its powers are limited but it has an important role to play and receives a precept from Wiltshire Council, currently £7,300 a year, to which every household contributes via Council Tax.


The Parish Council can comment and make recommendations on Planning Applications, respond on behalf of the village to wider issues such as boundary changes and remind property owners and farmers of their responsibilities over hedges, rights of way etc. It can award grants to local charitable bodies, organise events, have an important role in the co-ordination of resources in emergencies and flood events and, in Berwick, the parish council also maintains the playground.


You may not be aware of the Parish Council’s presence in your life, but we hope you would notice if it didn’t do its job!

Berwick St John Parish Council has seven seats and all are up for election in May. The Parish Council would welcome interest from villagers and is encouraging people standing for election.

Please consider whether you could support your village in this way. If you want to know about what’s involved, talk to a councillor or to the current Chairman, Angela Bridges (828383;


Nomination forms have to be submitted by 8th April and candidates require two eligible sponsors.


Nomination formscan be downloaded and printed from the Wiltshire Council

Once your forms are complete, they will need to be delivered by hand to the Council offices on Bourne Hill, Salisbury, at a time pre-booked  via the same Wiltshire Council website.

Tisbury Supplies - Deliveries!

You should all have received a catalogue through your door this week for Tisbury Supplies which sells hardware, DIY equipment and garden supplies and more! If you'd like to order something but can't get to the shop then Penny Follett has kindly agreed to deliver any orders to the village. Penny does the bookkeeping there once a week and can bring any orders back with her.

You can contact Tisbury Supplies on 01747 871617 and order and pay over the phone. Penny can be contacted on 01747 829012.

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