Shopping and Delivery Services

Any resident who is in isolation or unable to leave home can contact Angela Bridges or Louise Hall with their order. Orders will be collected and delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays.


  • For Tuesday delivery: order by 6pm SUNDAY

  • For Friday delivery: order by 6pm WEDNESDAY

You can also place your order directly with the shop yourself, however, you must let Angela or Louise know so that it can be collected for you. You might consider setting up an account with the shop, but if this is not convenient, then we have a system in place for payments.

An order form for Ansty Farm Shop can be downloaded here: Order Form

Orders for shopping from Tesco should be phoned or emailed to Angela or Louise with the same deadlines as above.


If you have an account with any of the shops then you can use that to pay. You can also pay over the phone by card. If neither of these is suitable then we are running village accounts at each store. These are managed by Bob Mortimer and he will bill you later. If you are able to settle your account with Bob via internet transfer then please contact him by email or phone (details are on your update newsletter).


Please have a box/bags ready to receive your shopping to minimise touching. The deliverer will knock/ring to alert you and you can then unload your own items.

Milk Deliveries

New House Farm Dairy in Madgeston are already delivering milk to several households in the village. They also deliver other goods such as yoghurt, butter, cheese, eggs, and juice and can be contacted on 01747 822700. You can download a copy of their price list here: Price List.


Prescriptions can be collected from the Tisbury, Shaftesbury or Sixpenny Handley pharmacies. Please contact Angela or Louise at any time to organise a collection.


This could be a long haul and you may run short of cash. Don't worry, there is a plan! Contact us for details.