Village Hall

The Land that the hall is built on was gifted to the village in 1929 by the Duke and Duchess of Hamilton. Since then there have been three Halls on the site; the present one replaced an old Nissen hut. In the 1970s a few villagers got together and raised funds to build a new hall by hosting harvest festival dances etc. The community later applied to the council for a grant but was told that the next village down the valley was getting the money as they were in desperate need of a new hall. The story is still told that one Sunday morning a group of villagers equipped with sledgehammers, tractors and ropes, pulled the old hut down and cleared the site, leaving just a concrete slab. The chairman called the council on Monday and told them that we should have the grant as we no longer had a hall. After some persuasion, the man from the council said he would visit and to his surprise NO HALL! We got the grant.


In 1998 Berwick decided to refurbish the hall and again the community stepped up to the challenge. We raised enough money from events in the village and various grants to install a new roof, put in a new kitchen (with all mod cons), add extensions on the side for a meeting room, bar and store, create a patio area and a playground.


We now have a Youth Club, Keep fit, Pilates, Toddler group and numerous other events held in our wonderful Hall.